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Hobbies: Games: Moe! Ninja Girls

Fun Phone Games that take little time

Finding a game on your phone that is interesting but doesn’t take up a lot of your time is tough.  If you are into Anime, sexy art and concepts than the game Moe! Ninja Girls could be right for you.  While there is no nudity in the game, it does have suggestive themes and outfits in it that might be too sultry for younger viewers.  This is an addictive game, so guard your wallet as It will entice you to spend money in the game and various items.  Luckily if you have patience there are ways to earn those crystals for free without having to spend your own money.



Hobbies: Star Wars – Where is it Going?

Is This the End of Star Wars?

For a Star Wars fan that has seen every single Star Wars movie in the theater it has been a blast to view each new one as it releases.  There are hardcore fans out there that will only like the originals that came out in 1977 as A New Hope, then Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi to finish it up.  George Lucas has said that he thought it out as 9 parts, but it was those three that stood out the most to him and that is why he did those.  He later went back to do the prequels to show the story of Darth Vader and his rise to power as a villain.  While fans can only speculate as to what his thoughts were for the final three parts, it was said that Luke would bring back the Jedi, Han and Leia would have children and the Star Wars Galaxy would face a new threat.  Disney has changed that a bit when they purchased the franchise, and with different directors doing the movies, it gives you a different feel.  So Read More>>>

Mom’s Tips For Getting The Best Deals Post-Christmas

And How To Get Through The Sales Stress-Free

When the Christmas holiday finally rolls around, the presents are opened, the lights come down, and the house decorations are stripped off. Christmas is usually the year’s most expensive shopping time, particularly if you have kids, which makes January sales the cheapest! Yay!

If you thought Christmas was busy, wait until January when everyone flocks to the shops to score all those sweet post-Christmas sales. These sales are the perfect opportunity for you to actually save money, all year long. If you’re planning next Christmas at your house, take advantage of the super cheap Christmas decorations, which you can store away for future use! If you want to be one of those houses that has millions of lights, the few days after Christmas are the best times to buy in preparation for next year.

As a busy mum, the last thing you want to be doing is hitting the massive crowds, with a screaming Read More>>>

Best Holiday Shopping Tips For Parents

And How To Survive The Silly Season

The holiday season is always one of the most hectic times of year, especially for parents.  With presents to buy and the children on school holidays, sometimes it feels almost impossible to get it all done. Some of us wait till the last minute, purely because we run out of time! If you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, don’t worry! You are not alone!

Not only is holiday shopping time consuming, stressful and hard on the hip pocket, it is busy and with children, often chaotic.  With this in mind, we have come up with some of the best tips to help you get through all of your shopping this silly season!

If Possible, Shop Early!

This is for 2 reasons. Try to shop earlier than December.  Along with shopping centre Christmas Carols and Santa setups, the crowds tend to start at the beginning of December.  If at all possible, try to do your holiday shopping in advance.  Read More>>>

Top 5 Holiday Ideas for Your First Weekend on Your Own

You Won’t Be Sorry

Kids are great, aren’t they? Once they enter your life it’s difficult to remember what things looked like before them. You and your partner refer to events as Before Kids and After Kids because it’s the only way you can remember what was going on in your life. Okay, so having kids is seriously stressful, but you wouldn’t change it for anything.

That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to get away from them and enjoy some time on your own. Part of raising happy children is looking after yourself with self-care and a weekend holiday on your own is a great exercise in self-care.

As we’ve talked about previously, if we don’t take care of ourselves – who will? If we’re so busy taking care of our kids and our husband, taking care of the house and our jobs, and so on … who is going to take care of us? And the simple answer is – no one, unless we take the time out that we need, when we Read More>>>

Childcare And Sickness

The Frustrations And Solutions

It’s something that every working parent dreads… illness descends on your home and germs don’t seem to care that you have a meeting at 10 and a childcare provider that frowns on sniffling, vomiting, and the runs. There are only so many sick days you can take because of your child before your boss starts to roll their eyes (which is rude because, you know… parents have to parent). Yet, every time you try to sneak your sick child by the childcare providers they turn into the Hulk and throw you out on your ear.

So, what’s a parent supposed to do when they have a sick child and childcare problems?

The Petri Dish Of Daycare

The most important thing that you can do is learn when it’s safe to put your child in their daycare facility, when they need to stay at home, and when they need to visit the doctor.

The biggest issue is that your child is most likely sick, because another Read More>>>

Getting Through The ‘Won’t Eat Vegetables’ Phase

… Without Tearing Your Hair Out

Are there any vegetables that you just can’t stand to look at, let alone eat? Adults can be pretty picky, often instilling their hatred of particularly greenery in their youth and then sticking to it stubbornly as they age. So, it shouldn’t be too difficult for parents to understand where their toddlers are coming from when it comes to refusing to eat vegetables. Right?

Toddlers are just discovering the world and they’re learning how to flex their NO muscles and really building their personality. So, vegetables are the perfect opportunity for them to spread those wings. Yes, your baby adored mushed peas and carrots when it came from a jar and they didn’t know any better… but you’ve entered a brand-new dimension now. They know you can’t force them to eat something they don’t want to… they own you.

Overcoming The Nos

There’s good

Public Displays of Tantrums

And How To Beat Them

It’s every parent’s nightmare… pushing the shopping trolley down the frozen foods aisle and your toddler disagrees with something you’ve popped in the basket. It starts out as a mild objection and it develops into a full-blown tantrum. You can feel the stares of a dozen people on your back, your face is flushed red with embarrassment and anger and there is your precious baby lying on the ground making a snow angel of pure rage.

An elderly couple shakes their head disapprovingly, “my children never behaved like that”. A corporate woman who has never had kids says, “I can’t believe your child is acting like that. If I had children they certainly wouldn’t get away with it.” Children laugh at the sight. While other parents, who know exactly what it is like, give you a knowing smile, “Yep, been there done that – yesterday, and the day before”. It’s like a full blown circus and everyone is standing around Read More>>>

Tips To Survive Your First VACATION – Without The Kids

It’s Harder Than You Might Think

So, we decided that we were going to take a vacation this year, just us adults. That means leaving the children behind and striking out on our own. It sounds like a dream, right? And in theory it is, but that dream becomes a hard reality – and it might be more nightmare than anything else when you consider the prospect of leaving your kids with loved ones and being away from them for a week or two. (OR it could be the dream you hoped).

First things first… you will feel guilty about leaving them behind, but you don’t need to. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that, besides a trip away with each other is the perfect way to hit the reset button and just reconnect with your partner. And if your children are older, it could even be a good thing for the kids to see all of the things that their parents do for them (might help them appreciate you a bit more when you get back and they realise how good Read More>>>