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The Top 15 Things You Should Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Labour

… And Then Leave It By The Door

It doesn’t matter how far along in your pregnancy you are – you can never be prepared too early. Just ask all those mums who went into premature labour and I guarantee they will agree with me.

For my first baby, I had my bag packed when I hit about 35 weeks – because I was CERTAIN that she was going to come early … that bag sat by the door for weeks (according to some calculations she was 2 weeks late, by other calculations she was a week early – according to me she certainly didn’t come fast enough! Particularly when I had a 24 hour labour to deal with). With my second baby, I just knew that he was going to come early because all 2nd babies come early – don’t they?! So I packed my bag at about 39 weeks along … and he arrived 2 days later (after another 24 hour labour).

So when is the right time to pack your hospital bag? You should really have your hospital bag all packed Read More>>>

Benefits Of Play Time For Kids

What Happened To Kids Being Kids?

It seems like everyone wants kids to grow up too fast these days. It begins when they are only little babies and parents are comparing who walked first or talked first; and then it continues to school where parents are talking about who studies harder or plays more sports.

My four year old is “supposed” to go to school next year – to Prep. She will be 4 years old when she starts, and she will have to sit in a classroom for 6 hours a day, learning, studying, and then – when she comes home from school – she’s going to have to do homework! Schools vary, but I’ve heard from a friend who has a son at this school, it generally takes him about half an hour a day to finish his homework.

And she is only going to be 4 years old. But the thing is, the Government here in Australia thought that it was smart to force us to send our kids to Prep (Preparatory School) for a year before they go into Grade 1 – Read More>>>