10 Useful Tips to Exercise in Winter

tips for workout in winter

10 Useful Tips to Exercise in Winter

Have you ever felt more and more reluctant to do outdoor exercises when winter is coming? Have you ever concerned about getting sick or even hurt if you expose yourself to the cold? I bet you have. But all these are excuses. Exercising is always significant to both our physical and mental health no matter in what weather or season. The following advices might be helpful to your outdoor exercise.

10 Useful Tips to Exercise in Winter

WInter Exercise

Part.ⅠSome Preparation Work

1. Be aware of the health advantages you can get.

Most of us do exercise to stay healthy, so it is important to exercise everyday. But if you drop your exercise the whole winter, what will happen to your health? The answer is very obvious. Outdoor exercise provides you an opportunity to comfortably stretch out, relax your body and refresh your mind.

To someone who has SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), it is highly recommended to go outside and do outdoor exercise for which can help to relieve symptoms somehow. In a word, exercising in winter is a good helper to make your troubles away from the disease.

By the way, if you want to keep fit or even lose weight in winter when people may easily get fat, exercising must be your first choice.

2. Recall the enjoyments you have experienced outside during winter when you were a kid

It is true that children are always excited about going outside even if in winter. Winter is an ideal season for various exciting sports and games, such as skiing, skating and making snowman, which are all full of fun. Thinking about these can definitely rekindle your enthusiasm to do outdoor exercises.

 3. Choose the suitable clothes

It is quite normal that people wear a lot in winter. But whenever you want to do outdoor exercises, please make sure your clothes are suitable enough for moving and stretching.

Ⅱ Types of Exercises to Choose

4. Take a Walk

tips to exercise in winter

Pic Source: Cardiotrek.ca

Cold weather should never be the excuse that keeps you from walking outside for a while. All you need is to wrap up warmly and choose a good route, and you’ll find that it is not as difficult as you thought. It is necessary to prepare cleats and rugged boots if you have to go through icy areas. For more wearing advices, please go and consult specialists in local workout equipment stores.

5. Run during winter

You might hardly think that running in winter season is really happening, well, think harder. There never short of winter running lovers who face the challenge of rain and snowfall bravely. Get yourself warm clothes, a pair of shoes that suits for winter running, and join a club or group for support.

And if you prefer jogging, then you can enjoy winter by reading How to jog in cold weather.

6. Go snowshoeing

Snowshoeing shares the same feature of walking and hiking, and to some extent, it is a kind of nature viewing in winter. It is a little bit hard to get started, but practice makes perfect. People benefit from it a lot, more than just fitness. A special benefit is that you might catch the sight of winter wildlife which really appeals to animal lovers or nature lovers.

7. Go snowboarding

snowboarding in winter

Snowboarding in winter

This sport is more like a professional exercise than many other winter activities. It is usually regarded as an “extreme sport”. But it is really an ideal outdoor workout in winter. Please remember to wear good safety gear, get lessons, and stick within the designated snowboarding areas.

8. Go skiing

In winter, skiing is an exciting and peculiar sport which is loved by many people, regardless of their ages. The difficulty of skiing is related to the slope you choose. If you like to challenge yourself then you could pick a steep slope to show your courage, but if you have the fear of getting hurt, there are some gentle slopes available. Through skiing, you can get both your arms and legs well stretched.

9. Go ice skating

People love ice skating because it is an enjoyable, elegant and efficient workout that you don’t bother to count how much calories burned up. So, just enjoy the fun!

10. Others

kids-snowWe could also simply to do some exercises that the kids do, like snowball fights, sledding and snow angels, everyone can enjoy them as long as they are good for keeping fit.

Go sledding. The process of walking up the hill and sledding down is a workout itself. Moreover, you have a body workout without sweating too much.

Strictly speaking, snow angel is not “an exercise”, while it is full of fun and it does an outside activity.

Snowball fight is an all-body exercise it requires you to do several consecutive moves. Firstly, you have to source the snow, and then roll the snowballs, finally throw your snowballs!

Ⅲ. Last Words

Please remind to do some warm-ups before you begin your workout. As in the winter, our body is much easier to get hurt because of the low temperature and low metabolism speed. And of course, we also need to do some cool down activities. You could find more tips of warmup and cool down tips here.