10 Worst Gifts For Mum on Mother’s Day

10 Wrong Gifts For Mum on Mother’s Day

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When it comes to Mother’s Day, you want to ensure you are showing and telling your mum how much she really means to you. You might not always get along well, but she went through 9 months of hell… I mean, absolute pleasure … to bring you into the world, then however many hours or days to actually give birth to you (yes … absolute “pleasure” that was…) and so on … just make it easy on yourself and her – make sure she has a Mother’s Day that is enjoyable and memorable.

There are so many great options for fantastic presents out there – and there are some terrible ones as well. Check out our blog on the 10 Best Mother’s Day Presents if you’re looking for some good ideas – and keep reading to find out what NOT to get her.

Here are my 10 Worst Mother’s Day Presents:

wrong Gifts For Mum on Mother's Day

A Father’s Day gift.

No doubt your car needs a wash, or your lawn is looking a bit scraggly, but here’s a tip. If you buy her car wash and a sponge; or a new lawnmower – she might hit you over the head with it. I’m sure it’s all the man – woman “jobs” and there’s no harm in sharing the load. But getting her something that she would get you for Father’s Day is probably the worst thing you could do.

Something YOU want. You might have been hinting that you need a new big screen TV, or a new playstation, or that you want her to start baking pies from your grandmother’s favourite cookbook … so you get her any, or all, of the above. That’s not a winner.

Exercise equipment.

Getting someone exercise equipment is NEVER a good idea – even if it’s something she asks for. Because even if she asks for it, she’s going to be thinking in the back of her mind that you think she needs it! So if she asks you for gym equipment, a treadmill, or anything like that – get her a gift voucher instead! That way, it’s her choice.

A book about parenting. Unless she asks for it, don’t give her parenting advice, or a book about it. She might think you’re telling her she could do better and that’s not going to end well for anyone.

“Useful” things.

A vacuum cleaner or broom. Are you telling her the house needs cleaning? Think about it. I don’t think I need to go into more detail with this one.

Linen. Sometimes it’s okay to give her linen, as long as it’s personalised and designed especially for her. Then again, she will probably end up having to share it anyway! Buying her bed linen that she shares with her (husband and / or kids); buying her fresh fluffy white towels that are dirtied quickly by messy toddlers; anything like that is not a terribly thoughtful gift and honestly, she’ll get more enjoyment out of a piece of cardboard that’s got a hand print on it!

Kitchen appliances. This can go either way, depending on what it is. Buy her a Nutribullet and you’re probably onto a winner. Get her a new saucepan or an oven mitt – not so much.

Snuggle. You know, those blankets that are actually gowns that are actually pyjamas – they’re actually pretty crap and they generally have horrible prints on them. Don’t give one to your mum or wife … but if you really have to get one, you might consider one for your mum-in-law…

worse Gifts For Mum on Mother's Day

A mess to clean up afterwards. It doesn’t matter how much thought you put into the present, or the breakfast, or anything else – if you’ve made a huge mess and you’ve just left it there for her to have to clean up … all that effort goes down the toilet.

The simple solution – don’t leave a big mess and expect her to clean it up. In fact, you could just tell her to sit back on the couch and watch YOU clean it up – we call that a “bonus” gift to her.

A lame excuse.

Whatever you do, if you forget it’s Mother’s Day – or you just don’t care – don’t give her a lame excuse for not remembering to get her a present! Either rush out first thing in the morning and organise something last minute; or take her out to lunch or dinner. Just because Mother’s Day doesn’t matter much to you, doesn’t mean it won’t matter much to her – and sometimes life is about making someone else happy. Mother’s Day is one of those days.

When you’re shopping for Mother’s Day gifts, best you talk to her first and see what kind of thing she’d love – or hate.

If you are preparing something for the kids to give her, just be thoughtful, colourful and original. She’s going to love it. You may like to read our 10 ideas for mom’s day gift here.


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