5 Mistakes You Probably Make In The Morning

5 Mistakes You Probably Make In The Morning

Five Mistakes You Probably Make in the Morning

After getting up in the morning, what you have done or experienced may decide how you feel in the rest of your day. If your behavior in the morning is proper or prudent, you may be spirited the whole day, and otherwise, your day may be ruined. Let’s see how you do will ruin your day from the morning. Here are the common mistakes you probably make in the morning. And we also offer the right directions for you to avoid these flubs.

1. Miss the natural light

morning light

Is that your ritual in the morning to scramble out of your bed, rush into your bathroom, gobble up your coffee, and then run into your office? If it’s the actual case, you will find that you’re barely exposed to the natural light until the lunch break. According to Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, missing the morning rays may mess up one’s body mass index. And studies also show the body mass index (BMIs) of those who experience their first natural light after noon is higher than those who expose to natural rays in the morning.


You need to make yourself exposed to natural light in the morning, and open your blinds to enjoy the natural rags before heading to your office. If it’s possible, have your breakfast and coffee outside or just by windows. Researchers say that 20 to 30 minutes exposure to the natural light in the morning can set the biological clock while regulating the level of energy, metabolism and appetite.

2. Go without drinking any fluids


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Leslie Bonci, RD, a director of University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Sports Medicine, says that if you don’t get water for body in the morning, then you will keep making up your hydration at the rest of the day. And the study from France found that low H2O of the body increases the risk of bad mood, confusion, fatigue.


Bonci also stresses that drinking enough fluids in the morning has a lot of benefits. You may feel happier and full of energy at that day, which gives you more strength, stamina to deal with the work later. What’s more, it can also help you keep a better shape. So it’s better to start your day with drinking 24 ounces water (about three cups) within the first hour after getting up, which helps you engage into the right H2O track.

3. Work out with empty stomach

A recent British research suggests that running or lifting session in the morning without eating anything poses your entire day at the risk of being crappy and surly. And the research also shows that men who had breakfast are sharper on their tasks and are more likely to be in good moods.


Having healthy foods in the morning can provide you enough energy, which helps you perform properly and enthusiastically at the rest of the whole day. And a mix of carbs and protein in the morning will keep you vigorous.

Healthy morning food

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4. Skimp on protein

The study carried by University of Texas found that eating a banana or a bowl of oatmeal in the morning could only help you maintain about a few hours, and making up your protein at dinner or lunch is not good for building muscles. According to the research, people who consume a serving containing about 30 grams of protein from the three meals have higher muscle protein synthesis rate than those who get the same protein intake solely from the dinner at a time.


How much protein your body can absorb one time is relatively stable. To maximize the absorption of protein for repairing the muscle, you can equal the amount of protein into your three meals instead of putting it only onto one meal. Nutrition experts advise that a cup of oatmeal together with three eggs and four egg whites in the breakfast can provide about 36 grams of protein.

5. Easily to get road rage

According to a Swedish research, encountering traffic jams in the morning not only aggravate your day, but also can make your life miserable. How you think of your commute can be a determinant factor on your mood or feelings about that day.


morning Happy woman in the car

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The trip between your home and your office is a transition for you to prepare yourself for different lifestyle. However, sometime, it’s inevitable to be involved into unexceptional traffic. So you just relax yourself and try to be happy. You must know that you can’t put all the vehicles away from the roads, so just try to be calm and happy.

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