5 Things You Need To Know About Little Girls

5 Things You Need To Know About Little Girls

Unicorn-Riding-Princess-Fairy-Trolls Are A Real Thing

Obviously being a mum means you were once a little girl, and you might think that in itself makes you an expert on little girls themselves. I mean, after all – you WERE one, so doesn’t that automatically make you a professional?

I’m here to tell you that no matter how old you are, and how many years you spent being a little girl yourself, there is NO training, no education and no real-life experience that can prepare you for when you actually have a little girl of your own.

My daughter is 4 years old and during her short life, I have learned SO MUCH about girls – it’s ridiculous. Honestly, I had no idea we were so complicated, fussy, sweet, innocent, dirty, daredevilish, angelic … and the list goes on.

So, whether you’ve just found out you are pregnant with a little girl, or you have a toddler of your own, here are 5 things you need to know about little girls.

Twirling Is A Sport for little girls

A Great Outfit Is Never A Matching One

My daughter loves nothing more than getting dressed every day … in fact, she loves it so much, she gets dressed at least 10 times a day. The idea of going into her bedroom, throwing all her clothes around on the floor, to find the perfect tights, dress, shirt, skirt, shoes, socks, and so on – is her dream come true. And when she walks out of her room, there’s not a matching tone or pattern to be seen. There are stripy blue pants, with checked orange dresses, with pink shirt underneath and a glittery tutu to boot. Then she has socks with cats on them, pulled up to her knees, and sparkly ballet shoes. Not a single thing matches, but she is the happiest girl in the world as she twirls throughout the house.

Twirling Is A Sport

As we just mentioned twirling throughout the house, keep in mind that twirling is a very important aspect of being a little girl! They need space, or they will simply make it (pushing cupboards aside, knocking over lamps, and so on). From the moment they get out of bed, get their tutu on, to the moment they go to sleep – once they are old enough to walk, they are old enough to twirl and there are no other forms of transport. There is also the occasion (daily, in my house) where your little girl will see how long she can twirl before falling over in a dizzy heap. Then trying to beat that time, over and over again – until YOU collapse in a head-spinning heap just from watching her.

Hair Must Match Outfits

Although I’m tempted to say, “okay this one might just be MY daughter” – I’m pretty sure it won’t be. So … for every outfit my daughter wears, she needs a new hairstyle. Which means I’m basically doing her hair 10 times a day. She puts on her Moana dress-up, and she has to have her hair out with a flower in it. 10 minutes later she decides she wants to be Elsa, so after a clothes change, I have to put her hair in a side braid. Next is Minnie Mouse, which involves two little buns on the top of her head with a big bow in the middle. Or Anna, with two plaits on either side. And the list goes on.

little girls Have The Most Amazing Imaginations

They Have The Most Amazing Imaginations

I guess this is the same for most children, but as my son is still a “baby”, I’m noticing more how much my daughter uses her imagination. She’s quite happy to sit in her toy room, with two little dolls and a doll house – having conversations, tea parties, even arguments about who is her best friend and who isn’t. She can turn any mess into a Dragon’s den, any doll into a fairy or princess, any of her brother’s trucks into a carriage. And never forget, Unicorn-Riding-Princess-Fairy-Trolls are 100% a real thing!

You Can’t Help But Spoil Them

At least I know this is the case for me. Growing up, I wanted nothing more than to own a Cabbage Patch kid, but I never got to have one as the family budget didn’t allow it. My daughter received one for her second Christmas (though it was a gift from MY childhood friend, not me). Every time I go to the shops for me-time, I come back with a bag of stuff for her. I just can’t help myself. I walk through a department store and I see a pink tutu with yellow flowers that sparkle and I think “Oh my, how CUTE would she be in that” … and because my budget allows it, into my trolley it goes. And this will continue until I force myself to stop looking at girl’s clothes, or hair accessories, or jewellery, or dolls. But I have to keep in mind that even though I spoil her, and she is only going to be a kid once – I don’t want her growing up to be a brat, so she often has to EARN her gifts (through chores, or being helpful with her brother).

Although this article is just touching the sides for those of us with little girls, it gives you an idea of what you might expect yourself. As long as you’re stocked up on dresses, dolls and plenty of space for twirling, you’ll be fine!

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