How To Be A Great “Teacher” of Your Child

To Be A Teacher of Your Child

Education has seen a lot of changes over the years. There are much legislation that were designed to make sure that every child receives a free education that is appropriate to their needs. The requirements to become a teacher have been raised  as well. Many parents feel like they are being left out of the educational decisions for their child. There are some important roles that a parent can play in their child’s education and their point of view about the education of their child is taken into consideration.

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A parent  should be a role model for their child and show an interest in learning. Parents

may not realize this but they are the first teachers and they are often overlooked. Parents can teach a child a lot during the early years of their life. In addition to teaching them language and social skills parents can help a child develop early reading skills. If they read to their child as a toddler they are setting the skills for a child later on. A child will also develop an interest in reading. Children can learn their number through a bunch of fun activities including cooking with their parents.  Parents play important roles as the child begins school. They are there to help with homework and further the skills that a child can learn at home.

Encourage Interests

When a child shows an interest is something a parent should encourage the child to learn more about it and explore their interests. Learning does not just have to come from bookwork. There are a number of opportunities for the child to learn every day. A parent and the child can enjoy this activity together. Not only will the child learn something new the parent will be involved in their education as well.

Find Learning Styles

Children learn in a number of different ways. Some children learn better when they complete hands on activities. Others need to hear what is being read to them. Children also need to see something in order to understand it. There are also learners that use a combination of learning methods in order to understand something. The parent can help the child develop their learning style and see what  method works best for the child. They can then share their information with teachers and others. This will allow the child to get a head start in school. The parent can also plan some fun activities they can do with their children that will interest them and hold their attention.

Spend Time Together

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A parent and a child should spend some time going over things that the child has learned. They can also participate in fun and educational things together. The parent can read to the child and have the child read back to them. This will help build some of their reading skills and will help the child develop confidence in their reading. They can discuss the plot of the book, the characters, and the main events in the story. This will help the child improve their reading comprehension and get a feel for the love of books.

Use Everyday Examples

A child many learn many things in school but they may not see why they need to learn their information. If the information has value to it the child is more likely to not only retain the information but show an interest in it as well. A parent can help connect what the child is learning in school to things that happen in everyday life.  They can connect what the child is learning to the world around them. Counting and working with money is something that people do every day.  Cooking involved a lot of math. Even looking outside to see what the weather is like can be a good science lessons. The parent can connect learning to just about everything they do with their child.

Keep a Good Schedule

Parents want their child to be well rounded. Sometimes with the best of intentions they schedule too many activates. This takes the fun out of things. Children need some time to relax and let their imagination run wild. Instead of having fun at these activities they become a chore for both the child and the parent. While it is good to get involved a child does not have to be involved in everything. Downtime and time to relax can be beneficial to the child and give them a chance to learn about their interest and likes.

These are some ways that a parent can help their child with their education. They are the first and the most important teachers that the child is going to ever have.  The parents and the child can develop a strong bond. Not only will they share their education it will bring them closer together as well.

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