Best French Door Refrigerator and Reviews 2017 – 2018

Guides on Choosing Top Rated French Door Refrigerators 2018

French door refrigerators are among the most popular home refrigerators nowadays. These multi-purpose appliances have a larger storage capacity, offering amazing flexibility for humidifying and cooling various foods and they are becoming more and more popular. Their spacious interior allows you to keep foods fresh and tasty for longer periods of time. French door refrigerators also have an improved design, an enhanced style and they can be suitable for any type of kitchen. In today’s French door refrigerator reviews article, we will share some tips to choose a suitable refrigerator, and helping your find your best French Door refrigerator 2017 – 2018.

Best French Door Refrigerator and ReviewsThe characteristic that gives these appliances the name French door refrigerators is the presence of two side-by-side doors. Such doors can be opened together simultaneously or independently of each other. Once you open these neat doors, the first impression will be of a really spacious interior and you will get benefit from a design that is made specifically to help you grab your daily-eating foods easily. Compared to refrigerators that only have one door, French door refrigerators can have different compartments for allowing you to store foods based on categories. This type of layout is ideal for people who like to keep things in order.

In the lower part of the French door refrigerator appliance you have a freezer compartment. This compartment can be pulled out like a drawer, in a similar way to the drawers that you can find on a typical refrigerator. But, this freezer has a larger storage capacity, it lets you store more types of foods and supports greater weights than usual. Some people may enjoy the capabilities of French door refrigerators, but they would prefer to have better access to frozen foods. For these individuals, a side-by-side refrigerator that features a large refrigerator compartment and a freezer compartment is the best choice.

How to Choose A Best French Door Refrigerator?

In the search for the best appliance of this type, you may find that some refrigerators have a generously large interior. Having more space can be great, but you should be aware of the fact that larger appliances also consume more energy. If your two main concerns are the appearance of the refrigerator and the limited space that you have in your kitchen, probably the best thing to choose is a cabinet-depth refrigerator. This appliance is twenty-five inches deep and can perfectly align with your kitchen cabinets, for making your kitchen look better. Problems with doors that open too far can be avoided in this way. So, do you need a small French door refrigerator?

French door refrigerator inside

French door inside

On the other hand, by choosing a cabinet-depth refrigerator, you may have to sacrifice interior space. Reliable French door appliances have more depth. A classic refrigerator with one door can provide an average of eighteen to twenty-one cubic feet of interior storage space and this includes the space from the freezer. Top French door refrigerators can have from twenty-four to thirty cubic feet of interior storage space and most of them go towards the high numbers. For a better understanding of refrigerator space, you can imagine a bag of groceries as the equivalent of one cubic feet of storage. This means that having a few more feet is very important for being able to store more foods. In the French door refrigerators reviews, this aspect is very very important.

Besides the disadvantage of a smaller space, the classic single-door appliances also have the disadvantage of less storage flexibility. Appliances with one door only allow you to raise and lower shelves and maybe they can provide two bins instead of just one. French door refrigerators can provide great storage flexibility that will surely be appreciated by well-organized cooks who always need fresh ingredients that are easily accessible. Great French door refrigerators can have many shelf-adjustment options, but also crisper bins and controls for humidity that can keep food as fresh as possible. Other features of great French door appliances can be used as spill-proof shelves and support for tall containers or other items. When it comes to getting the best freezer size and configuration, there are refrigerators that have more than two layers of bins, for allowing a better view of the items you store.

Key Features of Top French Door Refrigerators

Before we talk about which is the best French door refrigerator to choose, lets check the features top rated French door refrigerators should have.

Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator - Energy StarConvenient Layout

A convenient layout is the one that allows the storage of tall and wide items without compromising accessibility in any way.

Useful Options

There are some options that can become really useful and people who buy refrigerators appreciate them. Such options can be ice and water dispensers, humidity-controlled vegetable bins and shelves that can be adjusted.

Temperature Control

Keeping foods cool is a characteristic than can be attributed to any type of refrigerator. French door refrigerators regulate temperature according to needs and this makes them better. According to French door refrigerator review from consumers, this is a must-have feature.

Properly Lighted Interior

All refrigerators have a lighted interior. But, French door appliances have more lights: in the freezer, in compartments, in bins, etc.

Energy Efficiency

Side-by-side appliances are energy efficient and comply with the Energy Star standards of energy efficiency. Older models may not have this compliance, but it doesn’t mean that they are not energy-efficient.


Choose only refrigerators that have sturdy and well-balanced doors. Also, avoid appliances that have flimsy shelves and bins.

Easy Controls

Controls need to be easy to use and easy to access. This means that they shouldn’t be on the back inside wall and you shouldn’t have to empty shelves to reach them. It would be ideal for them to be up front.

Stylish Appearance

The age of white fridges is gone. Today, you can choose from different colors and sleek stainless seems to be the trend. The only problem with sleek stainless is that it adds up to one hundred dollars to the price of the traditional type.

Ease of Cleaning

It is very important unless you would like to spend too much time on cleaning it.

Want to know more about counter depth French door refrigerator reviews? Continue To read our comparisons of best rated French door refrigerators below.

Comparisons: French Door Refrigerator Reviews, Ratings 2017- 2018

Here we have picked out some top rated French door refrigerators. They have different sizes, interior space and some advanced features.

In the view of brands, Samsung French door refrigerators, LG French door refrigerators and Kitchenaid, Frigidaire regrigerators are popular. Some other brands like Bosch, Electrolux, Maytag also have great market reputation.

In the view of colors, both black and white French door refrigerator could be found.

Top 7 Best French Door Refrigerators 2018

LG LFC21776ST 20.7 Cu. Ft. Energy Star Rated Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

LG LFC21776ST 20.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator - Energy StarThis is our LG French door refrigerator review summary: With an all stainless steel exterior finish, this sleek, elegant LG French door refrigerator provides far more room than any family will need to store their groceries. There are four split, spill protector glass shelves built in. This gives you room to store smaller items such as egg cartoons or yogurt, and provides you four individual compartments for different types of foods you store in the refrigerator. A glide n’ serve drawer allows for quick storage, and hidden storage, if you have kids in the home and don’t want them to find certain items in the refrigerator. An ice plus storage bin allows you to quickly make ice, and store more ice. Further, the storage bin easily removes itself with a snap, allowing you to empty the ice bin easily if you are hosting a party or otherwise need ice for foods or drinks you are making during an event you are hosting. Many LG French door refrigerator Reviews from consumers recommended this model.
– LED interior lights allow you to see everything clearly when opened.
– A slide pantry drawer allows for more storage and ease of access to items.
– French Door system allows you to optimize space to fit anything in the refrigerator.

Gallery Series Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator / Freezer, Energy Star

Gallery Series Energy Star Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator - Freezer with External Water -Ice DispenserThe stainless steel exterior finish, and French doors on this refrigerator, afford you with plenty of space for interior storage. From fruits and veggies in a clear door on the doors, to slide out service drawers allowing you to optimize the way in which you store your groceries, you can easily fit everything into this refrigerator without a struggle. There are spillsafe glass drawers built in, making it very simple to clean up items that do spill, and eliminating that mess you had with older refrigerator models you have owned in the past. The glide drawers open and close effortlessly as well. No jamming, no mess, and clear visibility allows you to see any and everything that you store in those drawers. It is NSF certified as well, so no harmful contaminants or chemicals were used in production, and your new refrigerator is safe to store any food in it as well. This is listed as one of best rated French door refrigerators 2015.
– It has an exterior ice and water dispenser with digital display.
– Features 2 liter drawers for fruits, veggies, and other produce.
– Humidity controlled crispers guarantee freshness and keep foods fresh for longer period of time. This is a energy-efficient refrigerator.

Samsung RF23J9011SR Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator, 23.0 Cu. Ft.

Samsung RF23J9011SR 23.0 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door RefrigeratorNow, this is Samsung French door refrigerator reviews for you. This refrigerator features a tall and filtered external ice and water dispenser, with a digital display. This easily allows for quick service, clean water and ice, and the ideal temperature when you are pouring water from the dispenser. All digital touch controls allow you to quickly and easily adjust interior temperatures for the refrigerator as well as the freezer compartments. And, all blue, soft LED lights are easy on the eyes, so you don’t have to struggle in order to see the temperatures you have set on the refrigerator doors. It features two compressors, as well as triple cooling systems, allowing you to set the ideal temperature, for every region of the refrigerator and the freezer. Easy slide and glide drawers allow you to maximize space, and store any item in all areas of the refrigerator as well.
– Four door system optimizes storage space and eliminates wasted space.
– Clear drawers in all compartments allow you to see everything in the refrigerator.
– Simple touch display allows for quick adjustment of temperatures internally.

Fisher Paykel Activesmart 17 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator, Rf170adx4

Fisher Paykel Activesmart 17 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator - Stainless Steel - Rf170adx4With a 17 cu foot capacity, you can store more in this refrigerator, eliminating the mess that you have had to deal with any older refrigerator you have owned in the past. The French Door system is not only elegant, but allows you to optimize storage space. And, you can open both doors to find anything in the refrigerator and freezer area with the slightest of ease. No more wasting food, or losing produce because you forgot it in the bottom drawer, this refrigerator allows you to visualize everything, and clearly see what you have in it. The elegant all stainless steel exterior finish is also durable, withstands dents and dings, and fingerprint smudges won’t show up all over the place. A reliable brand name and warranty complete the package with this exceptional new refrigerator model.
– Low dB level meaning it runs smoothly and quietly in the kitchen.
– At 28” deep you can maximize storage capabilities and easily fit everything in the refrigerator.
– Roomy doors allow you to store more and easily visualize everything in the refrigerator.

Bosch B22CT80SNS 800 Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator, 21.8 Cu. Ft.

Bosch B22CT80SNS 800 21.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door RefrigeratorThe 21.8 cubic foot capacity is far larger than a standard refrigerator, and the French door design allows you to maximize storage space and clearly see what is in your refrigerator at all times. This Bosch French door refrigerator also features the spill proof glass shelves, so you don’t have to worry about slips and falls, or not being able to see what is stored. You can easily see items by opening the door and don’t have to move around every single item in the refrigerator to find something. Humidity controlled crispers will help keep your produce fresher for longer periods of time. You won’t be throwing away veggies every few days, as you can easily adjust temperatures, eliminate water and vapor production, and properly regulate the control temperatures, so your foods do not go to waste, and so you are not throwing away as much food as you have with older refrigerators you have owned in the past.
– It features an internal water dispenser with filtered water.
– An external ice maker and quick remove tray allows you to quickly make ice quickly.
– Cantilever racks afford you ultra flexibility for storing nearly anything, on any shelf.

Frigidaire Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator, DGHF2360PF 22.6 Cu. Ft.

Frigidaire DGHF2360PF Gallery 22.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door RefrigeratorWith a nice all stainless steel finish, this refrigerator can withstand scratches, dents, dings, and even the toughest hand prints your kids left behind on your older refrigerator. It has an external ice and water maker, which features a purifying filter, so your water is always clean. It also features multi-level LED lighting, allowing you to customize the interior of the refrigerator, and allowing you to see everything at eye level each time you open the doors. External temperature displays allow you to quickly adjust the temperatures and see the settings, so you can maintain proper temperature settings at all time in the refrigerator. A smudge proof exterior also means you don’t have to clean the doors, the handles, or the fridge’s interior nearly as often as you had to with older refrigerators you have owned in the past.
– With 24.5” depth, you can easily store more in this refrigerator. Hope our Frigidaire French door refrigerator reviews are helpful to you.
– LED lights give it an elegant finish and ease of operation component.
– Includes extended warranty giving you peace of mind with the pricey electronic purchase.

Samsung RF18HFENBSR Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator, 17.5 Cubic Feet

SAMSUNG RF18HFENBSR Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator, 17.5 Cubic Feet, Stainless SteelThis Samsung French door refrigerator features a sleek, all natural, stainless steel exterior finish. It includes a smudge proof exterior design, meaning fingerprints and hand prints are not as visible as on other refrigerators you might have owned in the past. This stainless steel french door refrigerator features a 17.5 cubic foot capacity, so although it is slim, it does afford you quite a bit of space for storing all of your family’s groceries with the slightest of ease. It has an automatic filtered ice maker, so when ice is running low, the system will automatically sensor it and begin making ice for you. The interior LED lighting offers an elegant finish, and it also allows you to quickly and easily find anything with a brighter interior than a traditional bulb used in older refrigerator models. With 2 gallon door bins, you have more than enough space to store product, yogurt, and other small items, giving you more space for larger items on the shelves. You could find more about Samsung French door refrigerator review in the comparisons chart.
– Tempered glass shelves won’t crack, chip, or otherwise get damaged easily.
– Maximize space with cantilever shelves allowing you to adjust for different item heights.
– Crisper drawers keep produce fresh and allow you to easily adjust temperatures to preserve foods.

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