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Is it a Cold or the Flu?

flu or cold

Uh-oh! It’s Monday morning and your alarm is blaring in your ear telling you that the real world is calling. Monday mornings are hard enough, but waking up this morning something is different. Waking up is that much more difficult, and you are just feeling a little off. Then you recall that a few people at your office are off work with the flu. Oh no! Could this be what you have? Although many symptoms of the common cold and the flu are similar, there are slight differences between the two that can help with correct treatment, and help any sufferer get better quicker.

Symptoms of the Cold

A common cold virus, no matter how terrible it may feel, is not a serious Read More>>>

Foods that seem Healthy… But aren’t!

In modern society, with all of the boxed and processed foods, it can be hard to know what is healthy and what is not. Especially when labels from all over the place that scream “Fat Free” or “Gluten Free.” Then there are the fad and celebrity diets that are hitting from all sides. Some recommend this, some recommend that, but ultimately they all contradict themselves. Even trained dieticians and nutritionists seem to be fighting back and forth over what is healthy and what is not. This can leave people feeling so confused and emotionally exhausted that who wouldn’t just reach for a fast-food burger.

Then there are the sneaky foods. You know the ones. They are believed to be (whether through pop-culture or just myth) incredibly healthy, and by eating them you are doing yourself a huge favour. Not so much! A lot of people don’t realize that most of these foods, when commercially produced or eaten in bulk, are actually really bad for you. Want to know what they are? Read More>>>

Staying Healthy When Winter Drives You Indoors

Good Ideas to Have A Try

When the temperatures drop and snow hits the ground, everyone heads indoors (sometimes not by choice). Days grow shorter, energy levels drop, and it seems like most people go into hibernation. However, sitting indoors staring at a TV, computer, or phone is the opposite of healthy, both for the mind and body. Not only do people tend to gain “winter weight” during this time, and instances of mental illness sore.

However, there are lots of things to do in the winter to keep happy and healthy. Most of these things can also be done from the warm comfort of the indoors.


7 Common Issues Same Sex Parents Face

Common Issues Same Sex Parents Face

There comes a point in every relationship where the couple has to discuss if they want children. This is also true for gay and lesbian couples. They need to have a serious discussion if they want children and if they are going to adopt or have one parent become the biological parent of the child. If this is not a hard enough decision the couple has to be prepared with people that will not accept their relationship or their child.

gay and lesbian marriage parenting

Why You Should Volunteer? 7 Reasons

7 Benefits of Volunteering

It seems today that people are self centered and that are always looking out for themselves. A person is looking for a way to get ahead and it does not matter what they need to do to come out on top. Volunteering can help a person learn to value what they have and can learn a little bit about life.

7 reasons to volunteer


Tips on Interacting with Gay Parents

Interacting with Gay Parents

People are becoming more open minded. Homosexual people are now becoming more and more accepted especially when they are living as a couple. Homosexual couples are frequently adopting children. Parents of other children that become friends with the child of the gay couple may be a little hesitant to allow their child to spend time with them. This is something that us becoming more common and as gay couples marry will continue to be common.

How to be a gay parent rightly

Why Not to Live In A Much Healthier Way?

Healthy Lifestyle You Need to Know

To many people their health is an important part of their lifestyle. People want to lower their risk for disease, lose weight, and feel better as well as have more energy. People often want to live a healthier lifestyle but they do not know how. These tips will help a person make some small changes to their lifestyle so they can improve their overall health.

Consume More Water

This is one of the easiest things that a person can do to live a healthier lifestyle. The average person does not drink enough water on a daily basis. Water can help keep the body hydrated, allow the cells to function properly, and help clean out toxins. Water is also used to move nutrients as well as oxygen to the various part of the body. Read More>>>