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Finding a game on your phone that is interesting but doesn’t take up a lot of your time is tough.  If you are into Anime, sexy art and concepts than the game Moe! Ninja Girls could be right for you.  While there is no nudity in the game, it does have suggestive themes and outfits in it that might be too sultry for younger viewers.  This is an addictive game, so guard your wallet as It will entice you to spend money in the game and various items.  Luckily if you have patience there are ways to earn those crystals for free without having to spend your own money.


You are a male ninja that was the best in your village, but you have decided to give it all up and become a Ronin ninja.  You want to have a normal life and do things that normal people your age would do such as attend school and make friends.  You’re allowed to attend a school that seems to be normal but is anything but once you start going there.  There you will meet many people, including many girls that you will get into romantic relationships with and have choices as to who you will be romantic with.

There are different things to do in the game, but they require tickets or energy, both of which need to recharge over time or you can spend money to get more.  You can earn them along the way too.  Watch for special events that will unlock different ways to customize your characters, adding weapons, skills, backgrounds and of course outfits.  But it’s not your character you are fighting with, rather the girls that you befriend along the way.


The art is fantastic, the backgrounds are highly detailed.  The outfits are outstanding and some of which leave little to the imagination.  There are lots of skimpy clothing and these anime girls showing off their goods.  Even reading through the stories will make you want to keep going, just to see what the next scene is going to look like.  The great thing about it is that they keep adding new content.  The game is just celebrating its one-year anniversary and it could keep going for quite some time.

There are special events to gain more outfits or styles and they require crystals and participation.  These are completely random though so just because you spend the money to get what you think might be good, doesn’t mean you are going to get anything good.

Game Play

The game play is simple and contains two different ways to play.  You will want to visit both methods since you unlock more by doing so.  The main way is by reading the story.  You earn up to five story tickets a day just by waiting.  But at the end of a chapter you can earn tickets to use for future reading.  During the story mode you have a choice to make and each decision will move a bar either towards one girl or another.  You want to get the bar to either of the girls by the end of the chapter to unlock what is called the sweet ending.  This just means you get more items and a sexy outfit and picture as well.

During the story mode there are areas where you get checked to see if you have soul, or tools to proceed further.  You earn soul by fighting and you earn tools with the coins you get from fighting.  (These coins are called niney in the game.)  If you go to the Gacha menu and select tool gacha, you get one free draw every day after 7:30 am.

Fighting is the other way to play the game.  To win a battle you need to have the higher skill in two out of three areas.  Think of them in colors of red, blue and yellow.  (Which are the primary colors, but in the game, represent, fire, frost and thunder.)  It costs 20 energies per battle, so you need to wait for it to charge or use hearts that you earn to recharge it.


You learn the characters as you read the story.  Since you are all a part of the ninja seeking club, which is what chapter 1 is all based on.  There is Johnny who is your room mate in the dorm.  Than there is Enju and Akari, the first students that you meet.  Later you meet Ricka, Tengge, Myu, and Yamibuka.  You will meet other characters later in the story that are all in distinct chapters.  Some of them you can earn as fighting profile characters but most of them you can’t as they are just side characters to the story.

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