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Is This the End of Star Wars?

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For a Star Wars fan that has seen every single Star Wars movie in the theater it has been a blast to view each new one as it releases.  There are hardcore fans out there that will only like the originals that came out in 1977 as A New Hope, then Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi to finish it up.  George Lucas has said that he thought it out as 9 parts, but it was those three that stood out the most to him and that is why he did those.  He later went back to do the prequels to show the story of Darth Vader and his rise to power as a villain.  While fans can only speculate as to what his thoughts were for the final three parts, it was said that Luke would bring back the Jedi, Han and Leia would have children and the Star Wars Galaxy would face a new threat.  Disney has changed that a bit when they purchased the franchise, and with different directors doing the movies, it gives you a different feel.  So where is Star Wars going from here, and what can we expect?  (Warning if you haven’t seen The Last Jedi yet, this article does contain spoilers so stop reading here!)

The Final Chapter

Fans of the originals or the Star Wars Universe in general are already mad at many of the changes that Disney has made, although not all of them.  For one they threw out or made severe changes to what Lucas had envisioned for the films and the future in many cases.  It was announced that none of the books that have been written by various authors hold any line in the Star Wars Universe, which for readers was a hard blow.  If you have seen Force Awakens and then The Last Jedi you get similar feels from A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back.  (Force Awakens must fight a super weapon, while introducing all sorts of characters, and even mentions the Death Star.  A Hero dies in the film, just as in A New Hope.)  While in The Last Jedi you have a young Jedi seeking out an older one to be trained in the force.  A rogue who likes to do things his own way, and the spirit of a former fallen Jedi.  (Yes, Yoda makes an appearance!)

On a positive note the look and the feel of the new films flows better than the originals due to current technology and the acting is a lot better.  (Although to many of us fans that lack of acting prowess, at least in the first film, is what made those films great.)  There is more humor in these new movies, which to me was a bonus.

The final chapter which is due in December of 2019 will wrap up the newest Star Wars films and finalize the Star Wars history as we know it.  Will it answer all our questions, or will it leave us on edge awaiting more?  Since Star Wars is a big money maker it could just mean more films out there that we don’t know about yet.

Future Films

So far there are three films that are talked about and in production.  In late May of this year 2018, we can expect the Star Wars Solo Movie about young Han Solo.  It’s supposed to show us how he meets and becomes friends with Chewbacca and Lando, as well as getting the Millennium Falcon.  On December 20th, 2019 we will see the 9th and final installment of the Star Wars main films, wrapping up a legacy.  Although it will leave us all wanting more anyway.  There is said to be talks about a Boba Fett movie, but little has been released about it yet.  We could see something in 2020 since Disney seems to release a new Star Wars film each year.  This would be a huge fan favorite for what was supposed to be a side character and nothing more in the films.  But then if you go back there were two Ewok movies as well as a cartoon, so you never know.  Perhaps fans will convince Disney to go back to the Star Wars past and do some movies about the Old Republic, or about the origins of Yoda or other Jedi.  There have been plenty of games about the Old Republic, so it could be possible.


Television and streaming channels could see something different in the future if Disney decides to stop with the movies for a time.  We’ve already seen Rebels as a cartoon series, just as there were the Clone Wars cartoons.  There could very well be more cartoons in the future, especially around the female line of heroes in the Star Wars Universe.  There have been hints in commercials, but nothing seen yet.

As for a live action television show, it would have to be action packed in order to capture audiences and require special effects in many of the episodes.  There are talks about doing something with the Jedi, albeit with unknown characters with possible cameos of main characters down the line.  Perhaps once the final movie is done it will continue as a television show.  There are limitless possibilities out there, and with a growing audience of fans it can continue to grow if done right.

Unanswered Questions

Many questions arise out there in the Star Wars Universe for fans, and not all are directed on the films but rather the future of the franchise.  Will it continue to grow?  Will it get out of hand?  What has Disney learned from the fans?  Are they learning or just trying to make as much money as they can off it, and by doing so ruin something that fans love?  We all hope that latter isn’t true and they are listening to their fan base if they want this to grow.  (With Rogue Squadron they flooded the market with toys, and when they didn’t sell as fast as they thought, were stuck with them.  Many Disney retails stores had to mark them to $5 to sell these normally $20 action figures just to make room.)

So, for those fans of the films, the Last Jedi failed to answer the following questions. At least completely:

Who were Rey’s parents?  (Kylo tells her they were nobodies, but is it true?)

Where is Lando?  (We’ve seen all the original characters except Boba Fett and Lando.  While Return of the Jedi will have you believe that Boba Fett perished in the Sarlaac Pitt, it doesn’t explain the absence of Lando.)

C3PO’s Red Arm? (In the Force Awakens C3PO has a red arm, which he even states that he bets you are wondering about it.  In the Last Jedi, his arm is back to normal.)

Luke’s Hand?  (As mentioned in Entertainment weekly issue 1498, when Luke fades away his hand should have fallen next to his robes.  Was that an error?)

Will there be more Jedi?  The end of the film leads you to believe so, and not just with what Luke says.

Will Luke come back in the last movie?  If this series seems to mirror the originals, Luke should come back as a Force Ghost and Rey and Kylo will be related.  We shall see.

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