Mom’s Tips For Getting The Best Deals Post-Christmas

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And How To Get Through The Sales Stress-Free

When the Christmas holiday finally rolls around, the presents are opened, the lights come down, and the house decorations are stripped off. Christmas is usually the year’s most expensive shopping time, particularly if you have kids, which makes January sales the cheapest! Yay!

If you thought Christmas was busy, wait until January when everyone flocks to the shops to score all those sweet post-Christmas sales. These sales are the perfect opportunity for you to actually save money, all year long. If you’re planning next Christmas at your house, take advantage of the super cheap Christmas decorations, which you can store away for future use! If you want to be one of those houses that has millions of lights, the few days after Christmas are the best times to buy in preparation for next year.

As a busy mum, the last thing you want to be doing is hitting the massive crowds, with a screaming toddler and crying baby in tow! So if you are planning on hitting the shops for the post-Christmas sales, here are some of our top tips on how to get the best deals and make the most of your shopping experience after December 25.

Be Organized

It is important for you to take stock of what you have and what you received over the holiday. It will prevent you from purchasing items that you already have and also help you make a budget of the items you need.

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When To Shop

It can be helpful to know how early you can head to the stores. Most retailers kick off their post-Christmas sales on December 26 – and not only that, but you might find some shops actually open as early as 5am! Check with your favorite shops and get there as early as you can to avoid the crowds that tend to gather closer to lunch time. I always do my shopping as soon as the shops open – regardless of if it’s a holiday! I just don’t like crowds.

Don’t Overlook Thrift Stores

Thrift stores usually receive a lot of year-end donations from people who are clearing out after a busy visit from Santa. Heading to the local thrift store post Christmas is a great chance for you to find some great items at super cheap prices.

Use Apps To Stretch Post-Holiday Savings

It is vital for you to shop around and compare prices. You may use apps that provide you an excellent platform for you to compare sales of different stores. Most retailers are likely to discount the prices of most items during the post-Christmas period, therefore making use of apps can help you to track price drops.

What To Buy

If you know exactly what you want to buy, you have a winning strategy for securing the best bargains and finding the products that have the best markdowns. For example, December 26 is a prime time to shop for toys for your kid’s birthdays later in the year; you can store them away for future use.

Swap Those Gift cards

In some retail stores, depending on where you are in the world – December 26 is known as “gift card exchange day”. It is a day when you can swap unwanted cards for cash. If you do not have a gift card to turn it, you may get some highly discounted cards to stock up on as birthday presents for use throughout the year. Gift cards can be discounted up to 87% for use at retailers, restaurants and even hotels. Swap the gift cards for cash and go and treat yourself to a mummy’s day out!

Look For Coupons And Special Offers

Coupons and special offers provide you with a great opportunity for maximizing post-Christmas savings. Do this by taking a moment to get, use, and then store coupons. Newspapers and online resources often provide a great place for you to find and store special coupon offers, saving you money now and throughout the year. Coupons not only benefit you, but the whole family.

Consider Buying Discounted Returned Items

There are many products returned during the post-Christmas period, so if you’re heading to the shops in the first week of January, you might be lucky enough to find perfectly good merchandise that has never been used. Some retailers offer deep discounts on these products, so it’s a great time to get in and buy! Just remember to check the details of return polices in case the item itself is damaged.

Shop Local

While it may be ideal to shop from international stores or online throughout the holiday season, it’s actually a great idea to consider shopping locally if you want the best bargains. Local retailers often carry a wide range of items and many of the local stores offer huge discounts after the holidays.

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Consider Soon To Be Cleared Items

This is a great bargain sale category especially during the January and spring time frame. There are new products in the market, meaning that retailers have to clear out the products and replace them with new products for them to be in a position to beat the competition. It is a great opportunity for you as the retailers will offer you the best deals. It also means that you will save a lot of money.

Consider Product Service Comebacks

In some cases, it’s considered as purchasing an item at your own risk. A type of product service comeback can be a product that was brought back to the store, repaired and never claimed back by the customer. Before purchasing these items read the open box instructions. Such products are also deeply discounted by retailers, meaning that you are likely to get the best deal from these product service comebacks.

Check Retailer’s Websites

Most of the retailer’s website launches a post-Christmas sale at midnight after Christmas. It is a perfect opportunity for you to get the best deals and get your sale shopping done before bed. In this period, retailers are most likely to offer you a free shipping deal for your purchased items.

All in all, your shopping experience post-Christmas should be one that is fun! So make the most of it and have fun shopping!

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