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7 Pains You Need to Pay Attention to

<<–7 Pains You Should NOT Ignore

5. If the stomachache moves to the lower right of abdomen, it might be appendicitis.

The pain usually begins from the middle of the abdomen and then goes to the right of abdomen. Appendix rupture can be very dangerous. Bacteria burst into the bloodstream and your entire body can be infected. If you have such a feel , go to the emergency room immediately. How to judge the stomach pain is appendicitis or not? When you press on your stomach, it doesn’t hurt as much as letting go quickly. That is appendicitis. Another test is putting down your head on your knee and make others push down. If that is hurtful, it is a sign of appendix, which need to be examined carefully.

6.If your mid-back hurts and you have a fever, it could be a Read More>>>

7 Pains You Should NOT Ignore

You Should Never Ignore The Pains

Aches, soreness and something like that are very common in our daily lives, it’s impossible for you to call the local hospital every time you suffer from it. But you had better not ignore some pains which come suddenly or accompany fever. Specialists tell us to recognize some possibly dangerous pains and pay attention to them.

1. Toothache could be teeth grinding.

A number of people grind their teeth during night, which is mostly caused by stress. The tooth nerves can become inflamed and the protective enamel can be worn away because of the frequent clenching. You may end up extraction due to constant cracking teeth to the root. When this happens, see your dentist and have an examination. If necessary, a night guard will give you a hand.

2. Menstrual cramps that don’t

6 Simple Tips to Improve Your Health Effectively

6 Quick Tips to Improve Our Health

As the saying goes, “A good healthy body is worth more a crown in gold.”, so we had better never lost care of our body. No matter how much you get in your life, there will be zero without health. If you are too preoccupied with your career and take no notice of your health conditions, rethink about it. So here are some tips for you to improve your health. Tiny tips can also make a big difference.

1. Eat vegetables and fruits


When we were kids, we were told to eat vegetables and fruits as much as possible. The Read More>>>

For Skinny Ones:Best Foods to Gain Weight

<<11 Foods Help You Gain Weight Naturally


5. Vegetable Oils

We can say that nothing can replace the flavor of oil in a serving. But it should be moderate in use. Vegetable oils contain heart-healthy calories and are full of flavor. Coconut oil and olive oil, peanut oil and safflower oil are very great vegetable oils. Since most vegetable oils are highly concentrated in flavor, so it’s better to add less when Read More>>>

11 Foods Help You Gain Weight Naturally

Losing weight has now been a very popular topic among most people. But some people who are naturally too thin may be more interested in the opposite topic: gaining weight. It’s more likely for them to have the sense of being bullied. Particularly for men, their masculinity can be dwarfed by the small bodies. If you’re depressed by the obesity, you may not understand why people are trying to gain weight. But the fact is that it’s really hard for people who have fast metabolisms to gain weight. Therefore, sometimes, even several pounds matter a lot for them. What’s more, if the body weight is too low, people are also likely to have health problems, such as organ damage, bone density loss and menstruation insufficiency in women and so forth.


Just for Men: Top 11 Great Yoga Poses

<<–11 Useful Yoga Poses Suitable for Men (Part 2)


Locust is the preparation for further backbends and also the best way to strengthen backs. It not only can strengthen the muscles on your spine and your buttocks, but also can improve the muscles on the back side of your limbs. And your shoulders, chest and tights can be well stretched.


  1. Lay your stomach on the floor, and put your hands onto your hips with palms facing up.
  2.

11 Useful Yoga Poses Suitable for Men

<<–11 Best Yoga Poses for Men

Standing Forward Bend

This pose keeps you calm, stretches muscles of the spine and lengthens hamstrings.


  1. Start with the mountain pose, and place both of your hands onto your hips.
  2. As you exhale, tuck your chin closing to the chest, and fold forward at the hips.
  3. Relax your upper parts: head, neck, shoulders and arms, and just make your arms hang naturally.
  4. Press your fingertips or palms on to the floor next to your feet. But if touching the floor is inaccessible for you, let your forearms cross and grab the opposite elbows.
  5.

11 Best Yoga Poses for Men

“I can never do this!” Is that your first idea after seeing your girlfriend practicing yoga every morning? These poses may look difficult, but you never know whether you can do until you try. Here is what to change your idea. Following poses of yoga are both essential and simple for men. You can get enough flexibility and stretches from them. At the same time, these poses are very basic, which can prevent you from any injuries. When you are going to start it, we recommend you to practice yoga at home. And another important tip about your yoga journey is that you should hold each of your pose for at least thirty seconds to one minute while breathing smoothly.


Mountain

10 Health Benefits of Yoga to Your Body

10 Reasons that You Should like Yoga

Yoga is not only a kind of sports, but also a way of life. With a 5000-year-old history from India, yoga has different styles, intense or vigorous while others are relaxing and meditative. Nowadays yoga is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Why do so many people take interest in this sport? Because it has many benefits to modern people both physically and mentally. Here are some reasons why you had better give it a try.

1. Increase flexibility

As we know, there are many postures in yoga, including standing postures, seated twists, backbends, arm balances, inversions and core holds. By doing these Read More>>>

Top 8 Useful Tips For Office Workers (Part 2)

<<—The First Part: Top 8 Useful Tips For Office Workers (stretch Poses)

3. Have a bit of walks

Leave from your chair and have a bit of walks every half an hour. You can walk to the tea room for refilling your cup. Walking can help to circulate your blood in the arms and legs and prevent too much strain. If it’s possible, try to take walks outside your office building, and take the stairs to go down instead of using elevators. You can not only relax your body, but also can breathe the fresh air.

4. Don’t forget to ease your eyes

The health of eyes is often neglected by office workers. Actually, it’s detrimental for your vision to stare at Read More>>>