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10 Health Benefits of Yoga to Your Body

10 Reasons that You Should like Yoga

Yoga is not only a kind of sports, but also a way of life. With a 5000-year-old history from India, yoga has different styles, intense or vigorous while others are relaxing and meditative. Nowadays yoga is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Why do so many people take interest in this sport? Because it has many benefits to modern people both physically and mentally. Here are some reasons why you had better give it a try.

1. Increase flexibility

As we know, there are many postures in yoga, including standing postures, seated twists, backbends, arm balances, inversions and core holds. By doing these Read More>>>

Top 8 Useful Tips For Office Workers (Part 2)

<<—The First Part: Top 8 Useful Tips For Office Workers (stretch Poses)

3. Have a bit of walks

Leave from your chair and have a bit of walks every half an hour. You can walk to the tea room for refilling your cup. Walking can help to circulate your blood in the arms and legs and prevent too much strain. If it’s possible, try to take walks outside your office building, and take the stairs to go down instead of using elevators. You can not only relax your body, but also can breathe the fresh air.

4. Don’t forget to ease your eyes

The health of eyes is often neglected by office workers. Actually, it’s detrimental for your vision to stare at Read More>>>

8 Best Exercises for Office Workers

Exercises for Office Worker – Eight Things Need to Know

Computers seem to be indispensable parts for office workers today. They spend the majority of their working time staring at the monitors and typing on the keyboards without any movements. And this has been a normal routine for most office workers. But, sitting before the computers for long periods may cause backaches or other discomforts, which is bad for our body and our health. Objectively speaking, doing desk work is not terrible enough to damage one’s health. But the fact is a vast of office workers has problems with their bodies and health. They often feel aches and pains in their backs and waists, or their eye strain lead to the decreased vision. All of these are because they don’t have correct posture or they don’t get enough exercises while they are sitting on the computer. If you do have the same afflictions, you need to do some Read More>>>

How to Warm Up and Cool Down

How to Warm Up and Cool Down

If you are going to work out, how about indulging yourself into a warm-up before starting, and a cool-down after finishing. Generally, warming up and cooling down mean that you should keep your exercises at a slower pace and lessen the intensity of your activities. Certainly, it will prolong your exercise time, but correct warm-ups and cool-downs not only improve your exercising performance and reduce the risk of injuries, but also keep you healthier.

Warm up

A proper warm-up gets your body ready for activities. It speeds up the cardiovascular system, let the blood run to muscles gradually and increase the body temperature. A brief warm-up can reduce the pain on muscles and the risk of injuries.

Generally, warming up firstly works on the large muscle Read More>>>

10 Useful Tips to Warm Up

Tips to Warm Up

No matter what kinds of workouts you are going to do, warm up is a step that can’t be omitted. Warming up can get your body prepared, either for a killer or a slight workout, by raising your body temperature and stretching your muscles. As we all know, cold body may pose the risk of injuries when exercising and lower the exercising performance. However, a good warm up ensures the safety and maximizes the performance. When seeing this, are you rushing to walk around, test your mad hops or do some toe touches? I would like to say forget about these dopey warm ups, and there are a lot of warm ups that are effective and easy to achieve. If you want to know the fantastic ways of warming up, just keep reading.

1. Dynamic movements