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10 reasons 2 kids are better than 1

2 kids are better than 1

Have a child is hard work. There’s no doubt about it. I don’t know any mother’s that would say it was easy – and if they did, I’d know they were lying. From the moment we get pregnant to the moment we say goodbye to our children when they fly the nest as adults – we’re busy. We’re tired. We’re cranky. And yet we’re the happiest we have ever been (and could ever imagine being).

When I had my first

The Mother of all Guilt

pregnant mother

From the moment we start planning to become a mother, we’re made to feel guilty and as the process continues, it only gets worse. It seems as though nothing we do as mothers is good enough; or at the very least it’s “not what I would do”. In just the first 12 months of your baby’s “life”, you’re going to face a barrage of guilt.

Scenario One: We’re going to try!

We’re all sitting around the dinner table,

Why you need to nap with a newborn

Tips to nap with a newborn

If you have a newborn, no doubt you laughed at the mere thought of this title. “Reasons to nap with a newborn”. The two words nap and newborn don’t generally go together in a sentence. I mean, come on! You’ve just had a baby, and whether it is your first or your 8th baby, you not only have a fresh baby to worry about. But you also have to start considering yourself? Ha. Ha. Ha.

As a mother of 2 children myself

The Reality of Post Natal Depression in Men

The Reality of Post Natal Depression in Men

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I faced a lot of battles myself with pre-natal depression. Piling on weight, the hormones, the confusion about what was going on with my body all led me to become extra sad, extra emotional and extra frustrated.

The thing was, I was so focused on myself that I didn’t notice the changes in my husband at the same time. At around the time when I was Read More>>>

Is it a Cold or the Flu?

flu or cold

Uh-oh! It’s Monday morning and your alarm is blaring in your ear telling you that the real world is calling. Monday mornings are hard enough, but waking up this morning something is different. Waking up is that much more difficult, and you are just feeling a little off. Then you recall that a few people at your office are off work with the flu. Oh no! Could this be what you have? Although many symptoms of the common cold and the flu are similar, there are slight differences between the two that can help with correct treatment, and help any sufferer get better quicker.

Symptoms of the Cold

A common cold virus, no matter how terrible it may feel, is not a serious Read More>>>

Foods that seem Healthy… But aren’t!

In modern society, with all of the boxed and processed foods, it can be hard to know what is healthy and what is not. Especially when labels from all over the place that scream “Fat Free” or “Gluten Free.” Then there are the fad and celebrity diets that are hitting from all sides. Some recommend this, some recommend that, but ultimately they all contradict themselves. Even trained dieticians and nutritionists seem to be fighting back and forth over what is healthy and what is not. This can leave people feeling so confused and emotionally exhausted that who wouldn’t just reach for a fast-food burger.

Then there are the sneaky foods. You know the ones. They are believed to be (whether through pop-culture or just myth) incredibly healthy, and by eating them you are doing yourself a huge favour. Not so much! A lot of people don’t realize that most of these foods, when commercially produced or eaten in bulk, are actually really bad for you. Want to know what they are? Read More>>>

Top Reasons Why Sleep so Important

Have you ever spent a night tossing and turning? So tired but unable to fall asleep? Then the next day, you feel about as alert as a well-caffeinated zombie. When suffering from lack of sleep, there are many things that happen to the human body. None of these do anyone any favors.

All of this occurs because, while you are sleeping, your body is repairing itself from day to day wear and tear. The less you sleep the less time it has to repair itself, which can result in the issues listed below.


 Impaired Brain Activity

Also known as brain fog, lack of sleep can literally make you feel like you’re walking through a fog. This makes it more difficult to concentrate, more difficult to remember things, and just to survive a Read More>>>

Why Choose Hot Yoga?

With the homeopathic craze that is currently sweeping the world the practice of yoga is becoming more and more popular. It’s almost mind-blowing how many different types of yoga there are in the world. A particularly popular type of yoga that is becoming increasingly popular is hot yoga.

What is Hot Yoga?

Well, hot yoga is exactly what it sounds like. Doing any type yoga in a hot room. How hot the room is depends on the type of yoga, as “hot yoga” is just an umbrella term. A few different examples are Bikram, Moksha, Evolation, Baptiste, as well as Vinyasa and Yin performed in a warm yoga

Benefits of Hot Yoga

As with any sport, there are many benefits associated with any Read More>>>

Staying Healthy When Winter Drives You Indoors

Good Ideas to Have A Try

When the temperatures drop and snow hits the ground, everyone heads indoors (sometimes not by choice). Days grow shorter, energy levels drop, and it seems like most people go into hibernation. However, sitting indoors staring at a TV, computer, or phone is the opposite of healthy, both for the mind and body. Not only do people tend to gain “winter weight” during this time, and instances of mental illness sore.

However, there are lots of things to do in the winter to keep happy and healthy. Most of these things can also be done from the warm comfort of the indoors.