Staying Healthy When Winter Drives You Indoors

Good Ideas to Have A Try

When the temperatures drop and snow hits the ground, everyone heads indoors (sometimes not by choice). Days grow shorter, energy levels drop, and it seems like most people go into hibernation. However, sitting indoors staring at a TV, computer, or phone is the opposite of healthy, both for the mind and body. Not only do people tend to gain “winter weight” during this time, and instances of mental illness sore.

However, there are lots of things to do in the winter to keep happy and healthy. Most of these things can also be done from the warm comfort of the indoors.


Take up a winter sport

This doesn’t even have to be an outside sport. There are plenty of sports to do in the winter, and lots of adult recreational leagues for them. For example, basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, swimming, yoga, pilates, and the list goes on and on. It doesn’t even have to be competitive, there are lots of places that offer open gym time or community programs.

Some other activities, if the deep freeze isn’t too bad, can be quite easily done outside, and for free. Cross country skiing, snow shoeing, running, skating, sledding, and pretty much anything else the imagination can come up with. Act like a kid again, it will do your mind good!

Learn a new hobby

Knitting and crocheting are finally back in style! Learn to make a scarf or some mittens to keep warm outdoors. The point is, find something that you not only enjoy doing, but that keeps your mind busy and thinking. An idle mind and hands are good for no one, and there is nothing better than learning something new. Go wander around a craft store for a while and see if something jumps out. Always wanted to try painting? Give it a try!

Got something that you’ve always wanted to try? Give it a go! There’s never been a better time to try it. Check out local news to see if there’s a cheap and easy way to try it out. Always wanted to try painting? Sign up for a paint night. Scrap booking tickle your fancy? Go to a card making party (not quite scrap booking, but it will teach you to use the tools). There are plenty of other ways to try something new for cheap and see if you would like it.

Find a new book (or book series)

There’s nothing better than passing a cold day or a winter storm curled up with some hot cocoa and a good book. This is also a greatwinter-reading way to not only keep the mind busy, but to learn something new. Go and wander around your local bookstore or library and see what catches your eye. Read some reviews online and get some good fiction, or even a fiction series. There are also a plethora of non-fiction, self help, pop culture, and many other types of books to read an learn. With local libraries around there isn’t even a need to spend any money.

If reading isn’t really your thing, audio books are also a great option. There are apps that can be downloaded onto smart phones (sometimes for a small monthly fee), and books can be purchased that way. Also, libraries usually have a great selection of audio books on CD, and websites like YouTube also have audio books to listen to. These are great is you want to listen to a book while doing something else.

Try some new recipes

cookingCooking and baking is also a great way to spend time in the winter. The oven and stove top elements also have the added benefit of extra heat, which is never¬† bad thing in the winter. Even if you already know how to cook quite well, trying a new recipe can be really fun. Not even just a new recipe, but a whole new style of cooking. For example, if you’ve never tried French style cooking before, give it a go! Or if you normally bake desserts, try making some bread or something healthy. The sky is once again the limit when it comes to this. You can even try to make your own recipes.


Why not repaint? If you’re going to be staring at the walls for months on end, why not change it up a bit? Re-position your furniture. Change up the pictures. Re-paint all of the walls. If you would like some new knick knacks or ornaments, try going to a thrift store and see what can be picked up for cheap. This goes the same with smaller furniture (end tables or coffee tables for example). Go through old possessions and get rid of ones that no longer suite you, or that you never really liked anyways.

Another great way to redecorate is to clean out your closet. Almost everyone has something in their closet that they’ve only worn once (or never for that matter) given to them as a gift from someone. Make a huge pile of all the clothes you own, and try on every single piece of clothing. That’s right, every single piece. If it doesn’t fit or doesn’t suite you anymore, donate it, sell it, or give it away. This is really difficult at the time, but after it’s all done and your closet is streamlined, the effort is worth it.

In Conclusion…

There is no reason to sit bored out of your mind during the winter anymore. There are also lots of more productive things that can be done aside from just wasting time on social media and the internet. Try some of these things out and you may be pleasantly surprised at what you will learn. Humans aren’t meant to hibernate, so take back the winter!

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