Things Pregnancy Does To Your Mind

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So you’ve decided you want to try for a baby? Or maybe you’re in the early days of pregnancy. Congratulations. The fun has just begun!

Having children is truly an amazing thing and although it’s not for everyone, for those of us who have always imagined ourselves as mothers, it is certainly a rewarding experience in life. From the moment we start trying, through to the birth, the early years; and as the kids go off to college and start their own families. It’s not easy, but it is worth it – and that starts right at the moment you conceive.

Some say pregnancy is a miracle; I simply say that we’re so lucky to be women to be able to experience something so amazing. While there are millions of women who absolutely LOVE every moment of being pregnant, there are others who hate every moment. I was in the middle.

Some days I was astounded that there was a life growing inside me, other days I couldn’t wait to get “it” out. See, pregnancy likes to play a lot of tricks on us – on our mind– and while some are lovely; others are not. So I thought I’d help prepare you by giving you a list of Things Pregnancy Does To Your Mind.

Things Pregnancy Does To Your Mind

Get ready for the waterworks.

You’re going to cry at everything – literally. The worst thing you can possibly do when you’re pregnant is watch the news. Every single story will mess with your head. From the horrific stories about car accidents (what if that was your baby) to the horrific stories about politics (what if your baby grows up and wants to be President); and you’re going to cry at every thought. Even those feel good stories about a sportsman who won the Grand Prix (God Forbid your child wants to race cars, can you imagine how terrifying that will be? Or play football – what if they get hit by the ball and it breaks their nose?); and don’t even get me started on the litter of puppies that was just born …

Prepare to hate everything.

Pregnancy likes to play tricks and all those things you loved yesterday – you don’t love today. You’re going to hate your partner because they don’t clean the dishes right (you’ll probably cry again too – not only because they dishes aren’t cleaned right, but because you feel guilty for hating your partner); you’ll hate your mum for worrying about you (you’ll love her as well); you’ll hate your car because it used to be bigger (actually, you used to be smaller, but it’s got to be the car that’s shrinking) and you’ll REALLY hate your seatbelt that doesn’t even seem to fit properly anymore (particularly in the later stages of pregnancy).

You’re going to hate the dog sleeping next to you, because you already have two bodies in one and you’re hot as hell; you’ll hate the anchor woman on the TV who looks so perfect with her freshly made up face and svelte figure; you’ll hate looking at old photos of yourself; you’ll hate the fact that you really want to be pregnant and can’t wait to have a baby – but why oh why did you decide to do it NOW rather than 10 years ago (or 10 years into the future).

Do I need to continue? Honestly, just get used to the fact you’re going to hate everything, at some point in the pregnancy. Thanks hormones.

Pregnancy Brain

Heard the term “pregnancy brain”? It’s very real – and it extends long beyond pregnancy.

Many people (mostly husbands and partners) would argue about whether it actually exists, but it’s true – when you’re pregnant, those amazing hormones that are coursing through your veins can make you more forgetful! If you’re not getting enough sleep, that doesn’t help; or if you’re stressed or busy – you’re going to experience forgetfulness to an extent.

So what actually happens? You’ll forget birthdays, anniversaries, other special occasions – so make sure you write them on a calendar somewhere or set a reminder in your phone. You’re going to forget whether you left the oven on (and probably end up in tears stressing about it). You’ll forget that you already asked your partner 5 times what’s on the menu for dinner that night; you’ll forget that you already told your mum 10 times that you’re going to visit her on the weekend; you’ll forget whether you changed your undies.

And then once the baby is born, you’ll forget what you did yesterday. You’ll forget what you did a month ago, last year, and so on.

I don’t know when pregnancy brain ends … my youngest is 16 months old and I will argue black and blue that I still have it. If anyone knows, please enlighten us!

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Dreams Come True

Pregnancy dreams are a world of their own. They are more intense and more vivid than anything you’ve ever had before. You might want some of them to come true, but there are some you definitely don’t want to face in reality. In your dreams, all your anxiety is going to come flooding out and you’ll likely dream about every single bad thing that could ever possibly happen to you or your baby.

You might have dreams you’re trying to save your baby from falling – only to wake up and you’re on the floor. You might have dreams you’re in labour and wake up with a back ache – then realise you’ve still got 5 months to go.

And I have to say it – you’re also likely to have some extremely erotic dreams. You’ll dream that you’re having sex with famous people; with other women; with your ex – probably anyone that isn’t your current partner (and you’ll have some of those dreams as well). Don’t worry though, it doesn’t actually mean too much – according to the “experts”, it simply means you’re coming to terms with your changing figure, or it could be that you’re not having much sex in reality so you’re compensating for it in your dreams.

Dreams aren’t generally anything to worry about, so like the rest of the changes I’ve mentioned that are bound to happen to you – just accept they are part of the ride, and go with it. Good luck, and enjoy.

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