Top 5 Holiday Ideas for Your First Weekend on Your Own

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You Won’t Be Sorry

Kids are great, aren’t they? Once they enter your life it’s difficult to remember what things looked like before them. You and your partner refer to events as Before Kids and After Kids because it’s the only way you can remember what was going on in your life. Okay, so having kids is seriously stressful, but you wouldn’t change it for anything.

That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to get away from them and enjoy some time on your own. Part of raising happy children is looking after yourself with self-care and a weekend holiday on your own is a great exercise in self-care.

As we’ve talked about previously, if we don’t take care of ourselves – who will? If we’re so busy taking care of our kids and our husband, taking care of the house and our jobs, and so on … who is going to take care of us? And the simple answer is – no one, unless we take the time out that we need, when we need it.

A great way to do that is to start planning a weekend away to yourself, or at the very least – a full day out of the house! I admit, I only just recently had my first night away on my own in 5 years (and it was for work so it doesn’t really count!), but it certainly made me realise that I need to do it again (and soon!). And I’ve since had at least a day or two on my own, doing what I want to do, when I want to do it … did I mention I was ON MY OWN? I went to a movie, had a nice lunch, got an hour massage, did a little bit of shopping – it was bliss. I even got to go to the toilet without someone watching me! And that was just for a day. Imagine what I could do in a full weekend?!

I have been imagining, and I came up with these affordable ideas, not only for me – but you too.

So here are my top 5 ideas for striking out on your own since your little one(s) arrived.

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The Great Escape

  1. Spa Break

What could be more relaxing than booking into a spa resort and enjoying a solid weekend of relaxation? Raising kids can be taxing so resetting with deep tissue massages, facials, and lounging in a hot tub with a glass of champagne is the perfect way to get yourself back to normal. When you get back from your weekend away and you’re under stress you can close your eyes and float yourself back to just how relaxed you felt.


  1. Shopping in The City

What better way to celebrate a weekend of freedom than indulging in a spot of retail therapy. Hit up your favourite shops, try on the best labels, and then finish with a delicious dinner and delightful cocktails. You’ll be so busy you might even forget you have kids at all (okay, probably not, but it will definitely be a lot of fun).


  1. Beach Weekend

The beauty of a beach weekend is that you can work on your tan, enjoy drinks at the ocean, and listen to music, read, or just think. Yes, it’s quiet enough that you can just close your eyes and hear yourself think. Do you even remember what that feels like? Your inner voice is hoarse from shouting to be heard, this is the perfect way to check in with her.


  1. Good Old-Fashioned Relaxation

You don’t need to do anything to relax, you can book a motel for the weekend and read every book you’ve missed out since having kids. Trust me, they don’t look twice at how much luggage you wheel into that room so if you need two suitcases full of books to do it – just go for it. Of course, a tablet would be a far more efficient way to catch up.


Binge your favourite TV shows, order your favourite food, and go to the bathroom without anyone sitting outside the door waiting for you. Is this heaven? Um, I think it just might be.


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  1. Catch Up

You don’t have to go away to make the most of your free weekend. You can even hang out and stay with a friend and spend some time catching up with the friends you’ve lost touch with. New parents often struggle to find time to hang out with friends, especially friends who don’t have children. Social connections are really important for your mental health, so don’t feel like you’re wasting your free weekend by just visiting with your nearest and dearest. Or you could just go to Disneyland and go on your favourite rides as many times as you want. That will mean being annoyed by other people’s children, though.

The Benefit

Once upon a time, a mum escaping for a weekend of peace would have been controversial. Thankfully people are beginning to understand just how important self-care is to a person’s mental health and overall well-being. You can’t provide your kids with the love and attention they deserve if you’re running on empty all the time. So, don’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself – by doing so you are acting in the best interests of everyone in your life.


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