Wet Wipes: Not Just For Baby’s Bottoms

how to use wet wipes

How Did I Ever Survive Without Wet Wipes?

Wet wipes (also known as baby wipes). If you’re a parent, or you work in daycare, you know what I’m talking about and you’re already thinking “Yes! They are amazing!”

If you’re newly pregnant, almost a mum, or you’re considering being a mum in future (or your an old-school grandma who didn’t have wet wipes when your kids were young) … it’s a product you are going to remember for the rest of your life. From the first moment you use one, right through until you use your last one ever (which is probably going to be the day you die). Why? Because wet wipes are the most amazing product that could ever have entered the baby market – and long after the babies have grown into adults, you’ll still be using wet wipes.

In fact, I know a lady who has grown sons and grown grandchildren, who works as a cleaner – and she STILL uses wet wipes every day. In fact, she uses them at her client’s houses to help her clean better. Cleaning with wet wipes? If you’re new to wet wipes, you might be surprised. But let me tell you – there are a million and one things you can do with wet wipes. Here are some of them:

how to use Wet Wipes

Wiping Your Baby’s Bottom.

This is the traditional use for wet wipes. It’s what they were made for (or so we’ve been led to believe). And you’re going to need a LOT of them; and make sure you have plenty of spare packets all over the house. The thing about wet wipes is that they seem to be a bit elusive – they disappear somewhere around the house, every time you really need them (ie. right when baby’s explosion is beyond the last wipe you find next to the change mat). And when it comes to wiping bottoms, take a pack with you when you go out and you’re all set in case you go to use a public toilet and there’s no toilet paper. I can’t tell you the amount of times wet wipes have, literally, saved my butt, at public events.

Wiping Your Baby’s, The Kids, Your Own – Nose.

Run out of tissues? No problem. Grab yourself a wet wipe and your nose is going to feel fresher than a tissue could ever make it! Wet wipes are particularly helpful for those crusty kid’s boogas that are always hard to wipe off with a regular tissue. And they are portable. Keep them in your bag or your car and you can always get those nasties before they get on your shirt (from the kids, not your own nose).


As mentioned before, wet wipes are amazing for cleaning. You can clean food off the floors, wipe down tables, lounges, cupboards; let’s be honest here, I’ve even used wet wipes to clean my stove top and oven door. Yep. That’s right… I admit it.

Take a pack with you and you can clean a public toilet seat before sitting down; use them to clean your hands before eating at a sushi train; and so on. They can seriously be used to clean anything – except mirrors. I tried that and while they will clean it, they leave a few streaks.

You can even clean your dog’s feet if you’ve just been to the beach and don’t want dirty dog paws on your car seat!

usages of wet wipes


If you want to get rid of your make-up after a night out, you forgot to remove it the night before; or you’re switching from the day look to night – you can use a wet wipe to remove make-up. Its great for removing all traces of eyeliner, foundation, even mascara. And you’ll have a fresh feeling face afterwards – and depending on the type of wipe, you might even feel a little moisturised (eg aloe vera wipes).

Aside from removing make-up, wet wipes are also great for your hair. How so? Frizz. And as a mum with an 18 month old, I know exactly how bad the post-baby frizz can get. And if you want to get rid of that frizz, simply grab a wet wipe and give your hair a brief wipe down. It’s a miracle worker.


And last, but certainly not least, wet wipes are actually amazing at getting rid of stains! Who would have thought, huh? If you’ve spilled something on your new white shirt – wet wipe it! Got a nasty stain on your carpet or your couch? Wet wipe. Using a deodorant that stains your black shirt? Wet wipe it. Honestly, forget Napisan. Wet wipes are the only miracle stain remover you need in your home.

Wet wipes are seriously the best thing ever invented and if you don’t already have your house full of them – get out there and start buying! And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a baby, and have no plans on having any around your home any time soon … wet wipes are for everyone and your house has never looked so sparkling (and cleaning has never been handier!).


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